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    Rename and change IP address of a WK Dc


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    Can someone pls elaborate the steps to rename a W2K Dc and change its IP address .


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      Rename and change IP address of a WK Dc

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      Changing the IP Address wont be much of a big deal…as long as you have admin rights (just go into your network properties – tcp/ip – and change the address), however, the only way to change the name is to do a dcpromo (in other words, demote it from a domain controller to a stand-alone/member server) then run dcpromo again to promote it back to a domain controller. during the dcpromo to promote it back to a domain controller, you will be givin the opportunity to rename it. I would caution doing this though, I have done it serveral times, and a few times I was unable to fix the global policy problems that arose from this. Also, after the procedure you will need to go into your network identification and change the DNS suffix and NETBios name fields to the new dc/computer name. There may be some additional steps that need to be addressed (hopefully another member will add what I’m leaving out) these additional steps that I’m missing may be why I have had some trouble in the past. I have done just what I have listed here, without any problems afterwards though!
      Good Luck!

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