Rename in Active Directory Does not Receive Email

By MKRives ·
I did a normal Rename, due to marriage, of a Vista user in Active Directory (located on Windows 2003 server) and changed the email address. WHen you send email to the new address you receive a Undeliverable, email not found. I have kept her old address but have marked her new as the Primary. When she replies back to email send to the old name address, her name reflects the name change. I have compared all the settings to a user I successfully changed last week and they are the same. Help!

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how did you keep her old address

by CG IT In reply to Rename in Active Director ...

if you renamed her AD user account and! her Exchange mailbox?

Did you create a new mailbox with the new name and then try to connect that to her renamed user account?

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How her address was kept

by MKRives In reply to how did you keep her old ...

In AD, I right clicked on user and hit Rename. Change the last name and in the Rename user box I change her Full Name, Last name and Display name. Then I went into Properties and on the General tab, changed her email address to reflect the new last name. I then went to the Exchange Management console\E-Mail Addresses and add new email address Set As Reply, and also kept her old address.

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Issue Resolved

by MKRives In reply to How her address was kept

I have resolved this issue by going back into the Exchange Management Console and deleting the new address and then adding it back and Set As Reply again. This time it took and user can receive email after name change.

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