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    Renaming AD root / child domain


    by djnoem ·

    Hi All,

    I have been assigned a task of renaming AD domain comprises of one root domain and two child domains. despite knowing the fact that the domain / forest renaming procedure is a serious surgery on AD, management is eager to rename the domain name.

    The Active directory domain that is going to be renamed is based on windows 2003 server environment and running in native mode, exchange and other associate server applications are not running alongside.

    Primary AD integrated DNS has been configured in HQ, providing name resolution services to local / VPNed clients. Secondary DNS servers are up and running in both branch offices. DHCP is used to distribute IP address other scope related information to clients. GC are placed in both branch offices

    To my understanding the process should not be complicated enough except the renaming of the child domain which are placed in remote locations and are connected over leased lines (64K, 128K) with HQ.

    However, before stepping into OT :-), I would like know about the pre-checks that should be considered ahead of even starting the domain renaming process and then about the post domain renaming implications that might popped up after.

    Any help, advice/s or workaround on this would be greatly appreciated.


    P.S.: Repositioning or restructuring of domain/s is not involved in this whole process.

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