Renaming disk drive

By davemarilyn ·
My drives are labeled as this: A-3.25 flopy, C main drive, D- DVDRW, E, F, G & H- are removeable drives and J- is a second hard drive. I would like to rename J to D and shift the rest of the drives to f through I (E-will be for the DVDRW). how do I do this? In "Computer Management (Local)" I can rename the hard drives (Disk Management), but I do not get the rename options for the removable storage (Library directory). any suggestions?

Also, I mistakenly loaded my laptop XP on my desktop (reinstallation). I tried to change the "ProductID" in the regestry to the correct ID but it keeps changing the ID back. I want to be complient. Can I change the ID without having to spend hours again rebuilding XP?

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First connect the removable drive

by nepenthe0 In reply to Renaming disk drive

Your computer must see the removable drive before it can assign or change a drive letter.

Once you have connected the device, you will see it in the Disk Management submenu, and you can change the drive letter. I believe you can change the volume label in Explorer by right-clicking the drive and renaming it.

As for the 2nd question, I'm going to defer that to other more knowledgeable TR members.

Please post back in this thread if the glitch persists.

Rick/Portland, OR

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Rename in Explorer changes the name of the volume..

by davemarilyn In reply to First connect the removab ...

but not the volume drive letter. I tried! Hmmm, there isn't an option in the properties either. I did not see an option in the BIOS. any other ideas?

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OK, do this

by nepenthe0 In reply to Renaming disk drive

You must change the drive letter in the Disk Management submenu:

Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Disk Management

Right-click the removable disk, and select another drive letter from the drop-down menu. When you change the drive letter, you will get a warning notice that your computer will explode. Ignore the warning notice.

Rick/Portland, OR

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I tried this, but the drive options are all the letters but..

by davemarilyn In reply to OK, do this

the one i want (because already being used). i would like to put the drive J as D and shift the rest down. any other ideas?

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Yes, you can do it

by nepenthe0 In reply to Renaming disk drive

You may need to temporarily re-assign the letters of other drives to free up a drive letter.

It's aggravating, but devices such as printers now come with multiple card ports that usurp zillions of drive letters.

So, decide what letters you need, determine what drive is already assigned that letter, and arbitrarily re-assign that drive a non-conflicting letter. You can fix up the mess later.

Please post back if you need further help.

Rick/Portland, OR

P.S. - Don't try reassigning the drive letter to the internal hard drive ('C' drive). If that drive is partitioned, the next letter ('D') will be assigned to the 2nd partition. If so, that letter is committed - don't try to change it.

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I know it should be simple, but..

by davemarilyn In reply to Yes, you can do it

this should be sooooo easy! the removeable drives will not let me rename them (volume letter). if i could rename them, then the rest should be simple. I tried to disable the removeable drives, but that did not work either. renaming the removeable drive volume letter is just not an option. any other ideas?

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What operating system are you running?

by nepenthe0 In reply to Renaming disk drive

I know these recommendations work fine in Windows XP Professional and Windows XP MCE. My experience with Vista is quite limited.

If you are running Vista, stay tuned, because other TR consultants will join this thread and help you resolve the glitch.

Rick/Portland, OR

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I'm running XP home edition ver 2002 SP2. my IS degree

by davemarilyn In reply to What operating system are ...

didn't go down this road! My ME degree makes me want to solve this delema! I can't let this beat me! it is in my molecular make up! ant ideas with the product ID thing?

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Be sure you are logged in with Administrator privileges

by nepenthe0 In reply to Renaming disk drive

If you are logged in with less than Administrator privileges, you cannot change drive letters in Disk Management.

You might try logging in under Administrator rather than your User Account and see if this works.

Also, check to see if the Group Policy Editor prevents re-assigning drive letters. To access the Policy Editor, type gpedit.msc in the Run menu and look for any permissions restrictions.

Rick/Portland, OR

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This is a stand alone desktop, I am the owner/admin

by davemarilyn In reply to Be sure you are logged in ...

there arn't any other user profiles (I checked). The gpedit.msc doesn't work because ther isn't a network or any groups. I rebuilt this computer last night. It is raw, just XP and nothing else.

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