Renaming SBS 2003 Domain

By peter ·
Hi all,

Here's my situation. 1 server running SBS 2003. 7 clients (all XP), 6 of which have not yet joined the domain. Domain name was initialized by EMR software vendor then shipped to me (in WI) from software vendor (in CA).

From what I've read, to rename the domain you need to set up a "control station" that is both a member of the domain, and running some flavor of Server 2003. All other computers at my disposal are running XP. Additionally, the control station must not be a domain controller.

Is there any way I can rename this domain? I'll admit I'm not too familiar with SBS 2003, but is there a way for me to downgrade the server from a domain controller without any other servers running on the network? From my perspective, a reinstall is in order, but that will require me to inevitably send the server back to CA, miss 2 weeks of planned training on the EMR software for end users, and push back the planned 2/18 opening.

Any comments, suggestions, or additional questions are appreciated.


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well the bad news first...

by CG IT In reply to Renaming SBS 2003 Domain

The rename tool only works on Standard, Enterprise and DataCenter editions.

send it back, have the reinstall with the domain name you want. I would stick with the .local extenstion and during setup the wizard will ask for your public domain name [.com/.net] for Exchange so you don't have to worry about using .com/.net extension on the internal network...

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well, thanks

by peter In reply to well the bad news first. ...

Thanks for the reply. Though through a different constraint, you've confirmed my fears. The problem with the domain name is that it's similar to, but significantly different from, the business's real name. It's a small detail, but one that looks you straight in the face like a dead pixel every time you log in. Especially if you're the business owner whose business name is the domain name.

Thanks for the input.

Any other comments on this thread confirming CG IT's prognosis, or adding anything additional are welcomed.

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If you want a link I'll give it to you

by CG IT In reply to well, thanks

this information came directly from a Microsoft during a Q&A session on SBS in 2004

here is a link to the whole session.

Almost to the end is where it's mentioned.

Host: MarkStan (Microsoft)
Q: is there a way to rename a domain in SBS
A: Domain rename is not supported in SBS 2003.

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You can

by ComputerCookie In reply to Renaming SBS 2003 Domain

but it won't work?

I've only tried it once and followed all steps that I could find and guess what?

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by peter In reply to You can
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Sorry thread died on me.

by ComputerCookie In reply to You can

It didn't work. That was about three years ago.
My teacher at the time, said HA HA HA "computer says no!" "Even if I could manage to do it it nothing would work it, HA HA HA, however if you manage to do it I'd be interested!"

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