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renaming the default Windows folder

By wdr504 ·
Is there a way to rename the default Windows folder in Win98 after windows has been installed?
I have tried doing it in DOS but the and other critical files are not registered correctly.

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According to me, there is no way

by Jabbar In reply to renaming the default Wind ...

I think you're obliged to re-install your Win98.
If you don't do that, all your directories, all your critical files will be wrong.

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Yes, It Is Possible But...

by JackOfAllTech In reply to renaming the default Wind ...

It is technically possible, but it's more work than it's worth. Since I haven't actually tried this, I can't guarantee the results so BACKUP!

Obtain and install COA32 from

Create a new 'windows' folder with the desired name in the desired location

Copy EVERYTHING from the old 'windows' folder to the new 'windows' folder

Use COA32 to make the changes that are possible

Reboot into Command-Prompt-Safe-Mode

Change to the old 'windows' folder and run Regedit with theproper syntax to export the entire registry (sorry, don't remember it)

Edit the file changing all references to the old 'windows' folder to the new AND (VERY IMPORTANT) split the file into separate files for the different HKEYS (read up on regedit limitations and requirements)

Copy new files to the new 'windows' folder

Use Regedit to import the new files one at a time

Reboot and delete old 'windows' folder'


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Regedit Export

by The Young One In reply to Yes, It Is Possible But.. ...

Take the mans advice and Backup everything before doing any of this.

Exporting the registry is the way I would go too...when you have exported the registry, (Copy the registry file first before you start changing it) right click on the registry file you have just created and edit it in notepad.

From the Edit menu in notepad, select find and type in your %WINDIR% (Windows Directory) so this would probably be C:\Windows

Once you have found one instance of it you know you are on the righttrack.

Do a REPLACE ALL with your OLDWINDIR in the FIND box, and your NEWWINDIR in the REPLACE WITH box.

This will change any entries in the registry to your old windows path.

Save the Registry file BUT before importing it, copy the ENTIREcontents of your Windows Directory to the C:\Win98

Double click the registry key and say yes to import it. It will probably need a reboot before everything is applied.

Ensure that you have a Full Windows Boot Disk on hand in case your autoexec.bat and such has a hissy fit.

Best of luck.

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Why would you want to?

by Jim Phelps In reply to Regedit Export

Just out of curiosity, why would you want to?

It's such a hassle, and you can mess things up if you don't do a complete job.

Perhaps as a learning experience?...

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Don't forget about MSDOS.SYS

by Jim Phelps In reply to Regedit Export

Don't forget the C:\MSDOS.SYS file. It has a reference to the Windows home directory. It has the attributes +S +H +R. Turn off all of those bits using ATTRIB, then use EDLIN (Oops, EDIT!) to change the file. Don't forget to reset all of the attributes.

BTW, MSDOS.SYS is where you can go to change some of the Windows 9.X settings.

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