Renaming Your Domain

By dmdavis ·

How painful is it to rename my internal domain? I would like to rename it to the same name as our web domain. Our exchange server is also the same as our web domain. For some reason our internal domain was not given the same name. Infact the only difference that lies between our internal domain and our web domain is a "-". For Example: TechRepublic(internal) and Tech-Republic(outside). Lets say that I wanted to rename the internal domain to Tech-Republic. Can anyone help me out?

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Down and Up

by Fred123456 In reply to Renaming Your Domain

The only way I know of to "rename" your AD domain is to bring it down. Dis-Join the domain and then bring it up creating a new name.
If you have the resources you may want to create the new domain side by side with the old one. Take a server and configure it as the DC for the new domain name. Then you can create all your ID's and PC accounts and then move your users over.
Just beware their are some configs to worry about when you use the same domain name on the internet with the same AD domain name. Specifically DNS resolutions on the internal side for the public web site.

But simply renaming the domain is not an option.

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if it's W2003/ Exchange 2003

by CG IT In reply to Down and Up

you can rename see this MS KB**370/en-us

but renaming your domain to your web site FQDN name might cause DNS problems for clients on the lan which want to view the web site.

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by Fred123456 In reply to if it's W2003/ Exchange 2 ...

We tried it in two different scenarios with 2003 and both times we have lost the security hive. Not sure as to why and we have a ticket open with MS. So as of right now we prefer the down and up method.

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up and down

by CG IT In reply to FYI

is the most foolproof way to go.

I've only tried to rename a domain in a test environment and that worked but again test environment.

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