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renumber system HD to C after OS install

By moroff ·
after building my latest PC I formatted the new system HD while installing XP OS. there were other (removable) drives though and XP Setup labelled them starting with C and my system HD wound up being "I:". the very first software I tried to install after that croked on the system drive not being C.

while trying to fix it I made an unwanted partition on the system drive. DISKPART and DISKMGMGT wont let me fix or change the partition or the drive letter. I think I could install the drive in another PC and reformat it there, but is there a way(s) for me to fix it? I tried reinstalling windows but it finds that drive as I: and doesn't offer to reformat it or change its drive letter. I unplugged the other drives - other that CDROM and CDR-W and renumbered them to D and E already as I like them.

please advise.

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by OTL In reply to renumber system HD to C a ...

Tried setting boot options in the Bios to HD then CD drives ? Should change HD to C:.

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by CG IT In reply to renumber system HD to C a ...

Seems odd that the the boot drive ends up "I" drive but heck, wierder things have known to happen.

The O/S takes drive information from the BIOS during the BIOS to O/S handoff and assigns drive letters based upon drive setup e.g. IDE channel 0 Master then Slave IDE channel 1 Master then slave then all other drives it detects including removable storage devices and mass media devices. So first drive on IDE channel 0 set as master becomes C second drive on IDE channel 0 set as slave becomes D [which could be a CD ROM or whatever device] first drive on IDE channel 1 set as master becomes E second drive on IDE channel1 set as slave becomes F and so on. Cable select option on any channel means that last drive on the cable is the master middle drive becomes next drive letter and which channel its on determines drive lettering. try rearrainging your drives where your C drive is the master on IDE channel 0.

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by pazz9 In reply to renumber system HD to C a ...

listen very carefully! any attepmt to change the i drive back to c will result in you haveing to format again. =). been there seen it done it. trust.
best to unload all devices first, then do you format and setup with only the hard drive and a cdrom there. it gets a bit wierd over and beyond that unless the system was previosly configured for the c drive.

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