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Reorganizing AD

By dglazewski ·
Have four domains in their own forests. Of those 4 domains one was named company.com. Since email, and web sites are hosted on an external hosting service I am constantly running into DNS issues with internal users trying to access the external website. I would like to due two things.
1 rename the company.com domain to company.local
2 Create a new forest and move all 4 domains into this new forest, while keeping all security.
My reasoning is it would be easier for a one man IT dept to manage four domains in one forest, less passwords, and stuff like that. Currently all 4 sites are connected to each other with site to site VPN conections.
I'm looking for any websites, books, software programs,companies that can help me through this process, (or tell me that I'm crazy).

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Good and bad news

by Churdoo In reply to Reorganizing AD

The good news is that your first question is easy, regarding renaming company.com to company.local:

Now for the bad news; your question #2 is not so easy. The same rename tools above, besides renaming a forest root, can also manage restructuring domains WITHIN a forest keeping the same forest root, however they cannot take four distinct forests and merge them into one forest. For this, you're looking at a migration, using the ADMT, of the four forests into a new forest (or of 3 of the 4 forests into the fourth forest).

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