Repair problems...

By tbuchana ·
Hi, I have a Dell XPS 400 with a few minor upgrades such as the graphics card. Everything has worked excellent for the past 5 months however after updating windows the other day and restarting my computer went to blue screen and would not start back up. I tried going through safe mode however it would freeze half way through load up and not complete.
After giving up on that i decided to try and repair windows. While going through this process a message pops up asking me to locate a diver. At this point my mouse and key board do not work so there is no way of me to select an option.

What can I do? Also if you don't think it is possible to resolve this issue is there any way of getting what information I have stored on the hard drive off so i may put it back on after reformatting it.

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Locate a driver for what?

by Ron K. In reply to Repair problems...

Do you have a USB keyboard and mouse? If so you may want to try a PS/2 mouse and keyboard because the driver requested may be for the USB ports. I didn't look at specs. to see if you have PS/2 ports. <br>
At this point I wouldn't worry TOO much about the data. It's not lost, just currently inaccessible. <br>
Go to http://www.dell.com to locate the drivers for your computer. There is a link to Support on the upper-right. Go to 'downloads and drivers' on the left once at the support page. You can use the number on your Dell Service Tag. You may as well get all drivers. Unzip them into logical folders on a CD and have the CD handy if and when prompted for drivers. <br>
If you can boot with the PS/2 devices plugged in you'll likely need to install the drivers for the USB ports. <br>
Post back if you have further issues such as how to install USB drivers.

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Re: Locate a driver for what?

by tbuchana In reply to Locate a driver for what?

The pop-up box states "The file 'iaStor.sys' on Intel Matrix storage Manager Driver is needed."

Thank you for the information I will have to go out and get a PS/2 card since I don't seem to have one and try that out.

Do you think this file is located on the dell drivers cd?

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It may be.

by Ron K. In reply to Re: Locate a driver for w ...

http://downloadcenter.intel.com/SearchResult.aspx?lang=eng&ProductFamily=Chipsets&ProductLine=Chipset+Software&ProductProduct=Intel%C2%AE+Rapid+Storage+Technology <br>
It looks to be your SATA hard drive driver. That doesn't seem right and I'm not sure why. I'd install that driver anyway.

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If you didn't use a Dell Recovery disk

by IC-IT In reply to Re: Locate a driver for w ...

to do the repair, then it likely does need the SATA drivers. They should be on your driver disk.

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Not sure what OS you are attempting to install/repair here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Repair problems...

But if the system was working previously with this OS and you are Repairing it tot he same place the drivers should already be there.

However if you Upgraded Windows to something different it's quite likely that the Upgrade Failed to install the necessary drivers and this is the reason for your current predicament.

As you obviously have access to another computer I would suggest removing the HDD from the nonworking one connecting it to either a suitable USB Caddy or a Universal USB HDD Lead & Power Adapter on the working system and backing up your Data off it.

Then when you have your Data safely backed up Wipe the Drive with Kill Disc


and set about installing the Upgrade to a clean fresh drive. You may be required to make a Slipstreamed Install Disc and include your Drivers for your Hardware to do that with XP you can use nLite


and with Vista or 7 you can use vLite


Depending on what the Upgrade was you may be required to slip in the Dell Recovery Disc during the Install of the Upgraded OS just to confirm that you do actually have the necessary software to upgrade your OS.


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Re: Not sure what OS you are attempting to install/repair here

by tbuchana In reply to Not sure what OS you are ...

The OS is XP and yes, I am just repairing from xp to xp. Thank you for the information I will attempt to transfer everything over to my other hard drive and get back to you.

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by tbuchana In reply to Not sure what OS you are ...

this was the easiest option, thanks for the input

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Your Welcome EOM

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to thanks
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Maybe a Simpler Fix

by willcomp In reply to Repair problems...

The default SATA mode for an XPS 400 is RAID Autodetect/ AHCI which requires the Intel SATA RAID driver (F6 driver) during XP installation. Even if you do not have a RAID array, AHCI mode requires the Intel RAID driver.

Try changing SATA Operation in BIOS to RAID Autodetect/ ATA if you do not have a RAID array.

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That's what was bugging me.

by Ron K. In reply to Maybe a Simpler Fix

It's been years since I had to restore my Dell. Your post jogged my memory. I had to go into the BIOS and make changes. <br>

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