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repair software for 3rd party computers

By bartlmay ·
Being an independant IT Consultant I am asked to repair software issues for customers. I am looking for a software package that I can install on a customers computer, do the repair and then uninstall the software so as to not violate the EULA. This shows the customer that the software will do the job of cleaning the computer and why they need to buy it for themself.
I have found some good cleaning applications but I can't clean the system and thus do what the customer asked of me without violating the EULA.
Is there a application out there that will allow me to clean a customers computer? By clean I mean Spyware, Adware, Malware, registry issues, etc. I do know about the common free applications but I have found that they do not do a well enough job at cleaning. It may be that my customers had really bad issues but Adaware, Spybot, SpywareBlaster didn't clean the customers issue. I have not found a registry editor that will be allowed in this scenario.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to repair software for 3rd p ...

you can't make something out of nothing.
i mean, sometimes good customer service will mean the customer has to pay extra. i bet if you said 'i need to charge $__ more so that I can install protection that i trust for you" they would be quick to say yes.
the one i use is norton internet security. you can purchase it in 5 packs for reasonable.
and i try my best to educate the user about not clicking links in Outlook Express etc etc. they get the preview pane turned off and of course Windows Updates and I make sure ALL the automatic updates for everything are working. And I tell them they need to renew the protection product yearly, that it is now a cost of doing business on computers.
i find can't get them clean anymore with just applying generic solutions. i must employ tools like HiJackThis to help identify the malware. then i research and eradicate it on a case by case basis.
i keep a log of the viruii it has (had) and i look to see if any ones with known destruction i'll need to repair. which ones put in a back door...try to get a feel for the situation.
other 2 cents is: i used to brag that i never reinstalled. nowadays the malware is ripping into windows pretty well. I offer reinstalling on badly compromised systems. If they have data they wish to retain I often do in place upgrades now to repair stuff. all in all a lengthy process.
As gently as I can (ahem) I tell customer with trojans that Prevention is best and if not comfortable with a pretty high probability we eradicated all infection, that to eliminate all possible contamination, only a complete reinstall with protection put in place will do.
It all takes lots of time.

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by bartlmay In reply to

Although very helpful this is not the answer I am loking for.

I will agree with you that telling the customer that I will need to charge more to solve the issue is a valid point. The plan you suggest involves telling Symantec or whomever that the 5 registrations belong to my company. That is not really an option. I have a difficult enough time paying for one license much less 5 or more. My rate plan does include a Restore fee when that is the only option. The issue is not so much that I don't have what will fix the issue but that I would need to prepurchase the program that will achieve the objective for each customer using their name as the purchaser. That is what I am trying to achieve. Finding a program that will allow me to clean the customers system and then tell the customer to buy the program to keep it clean.

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by ozi Eagle In reply to repair software for 3rd p ...


Another package you could try , that seems to find stuff the others don't is ADWAREAWAY, from It has a 5 day free trial.

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by bartlmay In reply to

This also is not what I am looking for as I can find many applications that will allow me a limited time trial.

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by Sue T In reply to repair software for 3rd p ...

This is what I do, granted it isn't perfect but I haven't found a better way yet. I bought Norton's System Works (I usually get the edition that has Ghost included) every year. When you put the CD in it has an option to run the utilities from CD so you don't have to install them. This usually takes care of registry problems, hard drive scanning, etc. I also use Microsofts registry repair tool, the free hard drive diagnostics that all the manufacturers seem to have (Seagate will run test any hard drive), X-cleaner for spyware (doesn't need installed), ad aware from LAVA soft, AVG anti virus (works great), the ultimate boot CD and Partition Magic and there are quite a few others. I have found that it is very unusual for these tools to not be able to do what has to be done. Most everything I use is free because like you I can not afford buy. The biggest thing you can do is keep an eye out and you can normally find a very good tool for free - even from Microsoft.

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by bartlmay In reply to

Perfect Sue. Thanks for that idea. Although possibly not completely legal it looks like it will do what I need. I have a previous version of Systemworks registered to me so I can get the upgrade rebate thus knocking down the price.

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by bartlmay In reply to repair software for 3rd p ...

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