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    Repair Technicians Needed in LA!


    by yokrob ·

    Established National Repair Center in the Los Angeles area is looking for qualified technicians that have experience with repairing electronic consumer goods such as LCD monitors (15″-46″), LCD/DLP Projectors, Printers and VCRs.
    Applicants must have full knowledge of related testing equipment and must be skilled in soldering/cold-soldering, including tiny components. Anyone interested please reply to this email ASAP.

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      by fungus-among-us ·

      In reply to Repair Technicians Needed in LA!

      Not sure why you would post this job listing at THIS site… unless of course the legitimate JOB/Career sites ask for a fee to list jobs.

      But since you have… I may consider relocation. Some questions first.

      1. Is this a Salaried, Hourly, or flat rate (piece work) position.
      2. Will you pay for relocation (and how far – we have people from all over the WORLD here)
      3. Will you sell my house for me? (at the fair market value)
      4. If I don’t want to repair a sub $50.00 printer, can I tell the customer s/he is an idiot and tell them to buy yet another disposable printer?
      5. Is the location of this repair facility in EAST L.A.?
      6. Is earthquake insurance part of the health plan?
      7. Does your benefits package include courtside Lakers tickets?
      8. Is it a requirement to drive a convertible?
      9. If a potential hire has asthma/allergies, do you offer a 2nd or 3rd shift to help avoid the smog problem.
      10. Do I have to join a union (or the Bloods or the Crypts?)

      PS. No need to answer… i’m just kidding.

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        by yokrob ·

        In reply to try

        Dear Fungus

        Jobs sites require fees. Thank you for your valuable feedback (just kidding also)

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          So basically….

          by fungus-among-us ·

          In reply to tried

          I was right in my assumption about having to pay fees.

          What that translates to: Your company is so concerned about “fees” that you post your job listing on a site that doesn’t cater to those looking for work. Have you avoided spending ANY monies at all looking for experienced workers?

          Either the HR person is an idiot, or the company doesn’t know where to properly spend it’s resources. (Try the Classified section of the LA Times… oh wait that would cost money too)

          Yeah, that sounds like a company I’d like to work for.

          Normally, if a post like that came from a person that regularly uses the site, I’d leave it alone. But you have NEVER used or shall I say contributed , and all you’ve done is created an account to “TROLL” this site. Are there any other sites where you’ve posted this “job”, that have had POSITIVE responses?

          I think I’ll post a personal ad in the “KKK newsletter”

          Widowed Catholic Asian Male seeking a Single/Divorced/Widowed White Supremecist Racist female. Looking to ruin the Arian nation. Call me toll-free @ 1-800-CRACKER

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