Repairing a horribly setup network

By rodney.lance ·
This is my problem; I took over a satellite internet network when my unit deployed to Iraq.
This is the system as it stands right now; an iDirect 3000 series satellite router system and a Linksys SRW248G4 48+ 4 port switch. I currently have 48 current subscribers running off the switch. We supposedly have a 2048/1024 4:1 service. At most times of the day we can not even check our email. We have people that can connect ok but slow then we have people that can not get online other than IM services (those have a tendency to disconnect alot).
When I got here half of the RJ-47 were connected with any color combination they felt like putting in it at the time. I need help getting this running better. I would like to be able to monitor the bandwith that every user is using, block certain program that slow the net down (ie. limewire). Also would like to be able to monitor network status. So if someones link goes down I can work on getting it back up. I have tried serval programs to monitor the network however none of them have worked near to the level I need. They either need a server on the network, they need remote access to the computers, or they are not Vista compatible (which is about 75% of the computers on the network). The switch has a ton of different settings in it that I'm sure would help if I knew the proper uses of them. I'm stuck I will welcome any suggestions. Please help I'm losing to much hair.

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requisition ISA server 2004

by CG IT In reply to Repairing a horribly setu ...

Bribe the quartermaster with whiskey, women and/or song.

stick the ISA server in between your uplink and the switch. Install ISA server firewall client program on the laptops that will connect.

Then with ISA you can do all you want

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