repairing my computer

By rocky119 ·
I have dell windows vista. I'm trying to restore my computer to factory settings. On restart I press f8 and click repair my computer, then instead of it bring me to my administrator login it says "other user" and when i click on it I dont know the username or password. (i know my admin username and password and they don't work in it)

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Is your admin account

by seanferd In reply to repairing my computer

<i>the</i> admin account? Perhaps it isn't the hidden, default admin account.

Try Administrator, with no password.

If this doesn't work, the account needs to be enabled first.


If this doesn't help, you may need to do a full reinstall. Or see the instructions in your documentation or at the vendor's support site, and possibly the repair features in the Start menu if the system vendor has that sort of setup. If this is a retail copy of Vista, there will be no OEM recovery software.

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i have

by rocky119 In reply to Is your admin account

i tryed administrator, Administrator, admin and everything else i could think of i have opened the hidden admin using the cmd command but that still didn't help i just keeps coming up "other user" and no username and password will work

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Well, you may have to do it the hard way, or contact Dell.

by seanferd In reply to i have

Definitely see also:

If you are doing as described in the first two articles, but get the "Other user": Were you the first owner of this system, or did someone else set it up?

Why are you trying to reset it to factory condition? (Note that this will also destroy all your data.) If you are doing so due to a problem, describe it; this may be why you cannot restore normally as well.

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