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    Repeated Rebooting XP


    by gdaneuk ·

    PC was working fine. I went away for the weekend and powered off. Since then it refuses to get past first windows screen, rebooting every time. It won’t even load in safe mode. I have swapped the power supply, memory chips and its still the same. PC is a HP Pavilion using windows XP.

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      Well assuming that you have a Windows OEM Disc

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to Repeated Rebooting XP

      As apposed to a HP Recovery Disc you can do a repair Install by following the directions here but you [b]Can Not[/b] do this with the HP Recovery Disc.


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        No OEM Disk

        by gdaneuk ·

        In reply to Well assuming that you have a Windows OEM Disc

        Sadly i dOn’t havean OEM disk or a bootable disk. All I have is a partition from which I can use HP recovery to get back the Windows XP to factory installed state. That’s what I am trying now. Sadly also, although it indicated there were two options and I chose the one just to restore the OS and not format the disk, it then announced that it was formatting te disk.. so, we will have to see 🙁

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          Try this it may Help

          by ooombaz ·

          In reply to No OEM Disk

          while your system is booting press F8

          then choose

          Disable automatic restart on system failure

          then you will be able to se ablue screen with details of why windows is rebooting

          if you don’t know how to solve the problem send it to me and i will try to help

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          Running some Diagnostics here may help

          by oh smeg ·

          In reply to No OEM Disk

          Try downloading a copy of the Ultimate Boot CD from here and making a Copy from the ISO File

          Test the CPU, RAM and anything else that is fast and see if there is anything wrong with the Hardware. Do not forget the HDD Makers Testing Utility as that tests the HDD.

          Also when you have this reloaded from the Recovery Partition [b]Make[/b] a Install Disc from the Utility supplied and store it in a safe place. If you do not do this and your HDD fails you will be unable to reload the system ever again.



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          Thank you. Problem resolved (kind of)

          by gdaneuk ·

          In reply to Running some Diagnostics here may help

          Thank you for your good advice. I should have waited……
          I used te HP Recovery to , as I thought restore the operating system without destroying user data, option R. In the event it overwrote everything anyway 🙁
          It then refused to boot up but this time i got a message on screen saying Out of Range… Tracked this down to a faulty graphics card. Replacing this with one from an old PC allowed it to come up OK. So, I have a working PC with shiny new power supply and no software. I had backed everything up with Nero and then it wouldnt read the backup. I am in discussion with Nero Technicians to try and fix this as all my software keys are on various emails in Outlook on the hard drive 🙁

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          Lets know how you get on with reading

          by oh smeg ·

          In reply to Thank you. Problem resolved (kind of)

          Your Backup.

          For small One Off systems I don’t trust many Backup Applications and prefer Straight Data. When things go wrong it’s easier to get back, but that is just me maybe. 😉


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      by kevinotakos ·

      In reply to Repeated Rebooting XP

      I had the same problem 30 minutes before I wrote you this mail. Now do this when your machine is trying to load windows, when the windows logo is splashing just hold on the power button till it shuts down. Then restart the machine it should bring you the booting options such as safe mode. Select safe mode then after it boots sucessfully go to start menu, acessories, system tools then system restore.
      Restore it to the date just prior to your current problem, your system will restart itself then it will immediately start to restore the files automatically which it will finish and evrything will be fine. If you are still having problems with these procedures contact me on, or call me +254722723571
      I will give you the much needed technical assistance.

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        by gdaneuk ·

        In reply to REBOOTING

        Thank you , That’s what I had intended to do, but unfortunately, it wouldn’t even boot up in safe mode.

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