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    Replace a failing Front-End Microsoft Exchange Server


    by dave ·

    My Exchange setup is pretty straight-forward. 1 front-end server, 1 back-end server, about 50 mailboxes. Front-end server is used for OWA, single domain. Both are on Windows 2003 Std server, running Exchange 2003.

    The front-end hardware is old, the raid is failing so I’ve purchased a new 1U rack server, installed Exchange and designated it as a front-end exchange server.

    When I connected it to the network, it displayed in the system manager just fine. I powered down the failing front-end server and left the new one in place.

    I noticed a few things. 1st, I started to receive “bad mail” in the queue whereas I had never had any before. 2nd, I noticed my OWA users now had to put another “/exchange” after the URL to get to Outlook Web Access

    Does anybody know of a step-by-step article for this process? also note, I never removed the failing front-end server from ESM (Exchange System Manager) It is actually back up and running, the new server powered down until I learn to resolve the other issues.

    Thanks in advance for any guidance!

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      by dave ·

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      Did you ever find the step-by-step article?

      by julie.mealy ·

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      I’m also getting ready to upgrade the hardware for our Exchange 2003 front-end server and was wondering if you ever found that step-by-step article or what you did. I’m sure not having any luck. Thanks in advance.

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        Replacing the Front-End Exchange Server

        by dave ·

        In reply to Did you ever find the step-by-step article?

        Hi Julie;

        I did get the Front-end changed out but with the help of MS Tech Spt ($245.00)

        I was on the right track with my notes but had too much riding on the uptime of this server to go at it alone and in my situation; as a 1-man IT department for 60 users in the U.S., 5 in Mexico City, another 5 in Honduras and floating users here and there….. well I’m glad I used their support.

        Before I called Microsoft, I had a new server with Server 2003 and Exchange 2003 already installed and had named the new server exactly as the old one was and set it with the same IP address. All of that was correct with the exception of having Exchange pre-installed.

        When I called Microsoft, We uninstalled Microsoft Exchange from the new server, brought the old server down, reset the old server’s computer account in active directory, brought the new server up (same name and IP as the old server), joined it to the domain, then installed Microsoft Exchange with the desaster recovery switch.

        It wasn’t difficult and if I had step-by-step instructions in-hand….. it would have been pretty easy to do it alone but since I didn’t find the needed docs and I was afraid of missing a crucial step or two and having my exchange mail down for an unnecessarily long period of time,,,,,,, I opted to call Microsoft Techies.

        If you are using Outlook Web Access, there may be a few additional steps you need to do in IIS.

        Hope this helps;


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      by cg it ·

      In reply to Replace a failing Front-End Microsoft Exchange Server

      here’s a link to a restore to new hardware article.

      The good side of this is that you’ll find out if your backups are any good.

      for all things Exchange

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