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    Replace Boot Drive


    by sbrager ·

    I need to replace a functioning boot drive with little free space with a larger drive for a client. The OS is WinXP Pro.

    He has some old software which is important and he doesn’t have the original floppies. We want to copy his current system intact to the new drive.

    I have PartitionMagic in my bag of utilities.

    How can I accomplish this task?



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      Reply To: Replace Boot Drive

      by djent ·

      In reply to Replace Boot Drive

      You need Ghost or Drive image. Partition magic only partitions drives.

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        Ghost for the one off

        by the young one ·

        In reply to Reply To: Replace Boot Drive

        You can download Symantec Ghost 7 fomr symantecs site, as a trial version if you only need it for the one off.

        I assume when you say old software you mean between Windows for Workgroups and Windows 98.

        If my memory still works properly, i’m pretty sure you can image the disk from within the old versions of windows as they have fat partitions and don’t have the memory controlling settings that nt has.

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          Reply To: Replace Boot Drive

          by sbrager ·

          In reply to Ghost for the one off

          The OS is WinXP Pro. The partition is FAT32. The old software are a collection of legacy programs which the client still uses. For example, Smart Database which was written in 1986 or so. Yet, it adequately meets his requirements and it runs under WinXP although in compatability mode only.

          One of these days, when time permits, I’m planning to convert his app to Access. One of these days…


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