Replace Existing Exchange 2003 with a new PC and keeping same name

By itpromike ·
We have a very old system running Exchange 2003 which is giving us headaches. We just received a brand new Dell machine which is to replace the existing exchange server. My question is what is the easiest way to replace the existing exchange 2003 machine with the new one and still keep the same computer/server name so the clients and users won't have to redo any of their configurations in outlook etc... and also so we can do it with the least impact as far as editing accounts in AD etc... We also have Veritas Backup so I was also thinking of doing a full backup of our current machines exchange information/database etc... and just restoring it to the new machine, taking the old machine off line and renaming the new machine... Not sure the best way to go about all this though, any help would GREATLY and desperately be appreciated.

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use exmerg

by CG IT In reply to Replace Existing Exchange ...

I would use Exmerg.exe to move mailboxes to the new Exchange server.

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How will that affect network presense and server name?

by itpromike In reply to use exmerg

How do I keep the same server name so all the configurations will remain in tact so that we can change out the box for the new one move over the mailboxes and keep running business as usual so on the network side of things it doesn't detect any changes because the new server has the same configuration and name as the old one? What's the bes way to go about that?

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why keep the same name?

by CG IT In reply to How will that affect netw ...

so that all the configurations will remain in tact means what?

here's a MS Technet article on consolidation and migration for Exchange.

personally depending on how big the company is would dictate how I'd got about replacing an aging server that runs Exchange. With a small # of users, I'd just keep the old one on there, but the new one in, use exmerge and have users save their emails to PST files. Then remove the old server and change the MX records to point to the new server.

Mail would then come in to the new server and the users mailboxes that were migrated. old emails would be restored from pst files.

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It's just the way the head of department wants it.

by itpromike In reply to why keep the same name?

I'm not saying it's the best thing to do, it's just what the higher ups are telling me they want and want me to find the best way to do it.
So if you guys opinions if I wanted to change Exchange to a different physical server and and keep the same server name so all the information for the client side of things won't have to be changed... how would I have to go about it... Is it as simple as building the server off the network, configuring it exactly the same, importing all the mailboxes etc... and putting the new one back on the network with the same name as the old one? Or is there more involved?

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More info on why

by itpromike In reply to why keep the same name?

Also the head of the organization doesn't want the users to have to 'rehome' their inbox.
The higher ups just want as little impact to the users as possible. So he wants to do the upgrades so that as far as the users are concerned nothing has changed and they can't even tell there even is a new server.

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by daphilmike In reply to More info on why


I am faced with the same dilemna. I have an old server running exchange 2003 with limited disk drives and i am recommending a migration to a new server with the same name. How did you get on with your migration? what steps did you take? is there anything to look out for?

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Swing IT!

by john In reply to Replace Existing Exchange ...

Try doing a search for Swing IT!. You'll get to site that deals primarily with SBS migration, but it will work for 2003 standard. Cost runs about $250 for the documentation on a Step-by-Step swing, but it'll save you a minimum of about 14 hours worth of work. Get the number from the web-site and call Jeff Middleton. He knows his stuff and will be able to tell you if his method will work. Great support and easy to follow. I took a 2000 SBS and migrated to 2003 SBS in about 10 hours. To the users, the whole process was transparent.

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Replace Existing Exchange 2003 with a new HW & Exch 2007 keeping same name

by Roz99 In reply to Replace Existing Exchange ...

Hi ITpromike and Daphilmike,
I am in the same situation as you were before. I thought I would check what steps you took to keep the Exchange server name the same. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

thank you,

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