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    Replace hard drives on a Netware Server


    by john.salvador ·

    What are the procedures to follow or things to watch for on doing this. We have a Compaq 5500 with 8 hot swap 4.2 GB drives. We want to replace these with 8 hot swap 9.1 GB drives. Any tips or outline order of what to do?

    Many thanks in advance….

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      Replace hard drives on a Netware Server

      by gnet158 ·

      In reply to Replace hard drives on a Netware Server

      Well first off backup your Netware Server. Then install your new drives and configure RAID using Compaq’s Insight Manager and preform a plain Netware installed using the server’s old name and ip address. After installation is complete then just restore the data and your all set. This is a little time consuming however it is the best way to to something like this. However this assumes that this server does not hold the Master replica and if it had a R/W or R/O then you must delete it before you do anything.

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