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replace lcd screen on dell laptop

By proberts ·
i got a good price on a dell lcd screen,from dell. i need to replace it now but never have done this before.Can anyone tell mw how to do this or direct me to site that will instruct me.

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by lumberjack In reply to replace lcd screen on del ...

Depends on model

however - remove the old one first screws may be hidden on hinge by soft rubber plugs, remove these and unscrew. Do not just pull screen out as there will be a ribbon cable (poss a 2 core cable as well). Place carefull down.

On underneath of laptop unscrew screws marked as keyboard (either the word or an icon)

carefully remove keyboard and if you can fascia - look for more screws. underneath fascia/keyb detach the ribbon cable. (and 2ndary cable)

reverse the operation to fit new screen

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by wwwebster In reply to replace lcd screen on del ...

Dell's support website has previously provided downloadable, illustrated service bulletins/manuals explaining the detailed steps to perform operations of this sort.

You may need to send them an email to find out exactly where they are located.

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by wlbowers In reply to replace lcd screen on del ...

Depending on the model. For a Latitude or Inspiron, open the laptop and swing the screen as far back as it will go. Now place a towel over the keyboard.

There will be 2 (latitude) or 3 (inspiron) rubber bumps across the top. Using an exacto knife or other sharp blade work under and lift the bump.

Across the bottom there will be 2 round flat stick on's. Lift these with the knife as well.

Now remove the screws that are under the bumps and covers.

The trim around the screen can now be removed, carefully, there are plastic snap clips around the outer edge. They will break if you aren't easy with them.

Once you have the trim off you will see the mounting screws for the display on the side. Remove these and lift the screen up and slowely lay it on the towel. You might have to disconnect the cables. Oh yea they might have tape covering the connection.

Now reverse the procedure. Make sure the cables are in good.

Good Luck Lee

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