replaced dc plug battery works ac don't

By mdel747 ·
Hi guys
I got a acer 4620z in i replaced the dc jack in it , every thing was fine for few hours , i returned it to customer , and got a call in the morning that it quit , so i got it back and looked over my solder points ,found one that i resolder ,
i put it back together and plugged it in with the battery in it , and it ran on ac till it booted then switched back to battery power , i took out the battery and tried to run it off ac but no power no leds , so i went back in and looked at all of the solder points and they all seem fine ,,
i did see where the voltage regulators that are close has a small melt on the plastic where i must of touched with the iron ,,

so I'm looking for little incite on what could cause this ,, with battery she runs fine


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RE: "and it ran on ac till it booted " ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to replaced dc plug battery ...

Well, strictly speaking it DIDN'T did it?

I'm assuming you mean that it LOOKED like it was charging the battery until you powered it up, then it became apparent there was no continuity in the current from the adaptor.

So, before you turned the laptop ON, was the battery charging light illuminated or what?

I'm also assuming that by saying "i replaced the dc jack in it" you are actually meaning the DC SOCKET.

The incoming current will get ramped up when you power-up the laptop since the adaptor is no longer just charging the battery, but serving all the laptop components as well. If you have damaged a regulator with the soldering iron, that would be my guess as to the cause, don't you think?

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dc power jack / DC SOCKET

by mdel747 In reply to RE: "and it ran on ac til ...

didn't know it was called dc socket

they called it dc power jack where i bought it hmmm anyway

the battery has a charge in it and will power the laptop on its own ,

its the ac that will not ,

( So, before you turned the laptop ON, was the battery charging light illuminated or what?)

i get no led lights on wile battery and ac is connected so i don't think power is getting to the charger either ,

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With laptops - the charger is inside the battery pack ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to dc power jack / DC SOCKE ...

Which is part of the reason that laptop battery packs cost so much - they are intelligent and monitor their own re-charge.

If there is not any chassis LEDs illuminated when the battery is fitted and the laptop is connected to the AC charger, then NO CURRENT is entering the laptop.

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Are we sure this AC adapter is working?

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to With laptops - the charge ...

Don't they have a step down transformer in them before they supply current to the battery....if you have a multi-tester, it would be wise to check that there is power getting <b>to</b> the laptop....I think most are AC careful not to damage your meter.

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traced it back SOLVED

by mdel747 In reply to Are we sure this AC adapt ...

well i took and started to trace every thing ,

I started at the dc socket and found where it stopped and under closer inspection i seen the solder point had a hairline crack in it ,

i re heated it added a lil solder and put the lappy back together ,

Walla ac only works with out battery in ,
lappy works on battery only ,
lappy charges battery and runs on ac with battery in it ,

so looks like i found it , so its been up and running now for few hours now , i will keep a eye on it for a few more hours , just to make sure it all holds ,

thanks for your input ,

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quick note

by mdel747 In reply to traced it back SOLVED ...

im thinking when the power cord was hooked with the kids foot , it broke the dc socket , when that happend it sent a surge threw the unit , ( that took out the memory ) and created a hairline crack in the solder point on the CH 7h part ,,

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RE: "when the power cord was hooked with the kids foot"

by OldER Mycroft In reply to quick note


You've never mentioned any strain being placed on the jack plug & socket anywhere else in this thread.

Had you mentioned that at the start, I'd have suggested to you that the motherboard may well have flexed under the strain thereby causing dry solder joints.

Ah well. :)

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