Replaced RAM, screen went black not booting up

By ethcart ·
Hey, I'm in dire need of some help. I'm a heavy gamer and I enjoy having a high FPS rate, so I attempted to add some more ram to my computer. I had 512 ram and I attempted to add 256 ram from my other dell laptop, I checked the labels and they appeared to be the same brand

I currently have a Dell Inspiron 1501

I have scoured the internet for the answer and at this moment in time I have removed my battery for thirty minutes to reset the bios as I hear that works.

If anyone has any solutions please let me know, I need that computer back.


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There is more to adding RAM than just using the same brand

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Replaced RAM, screen went ...

You have to use the Same Speed and Type and then make sure that the RAM is correctly inserted into it's slot. If the screen stays blank and you get no beeps remove the Stick of RAM and try booting again. If it works now shut down remove the original stick and fit the second stick and try booting again.

If it works now shut down fit the second stick and try again if it still doesn't work and you are certain that both sticks are properly inserted you have incompatible RAM.

Of course if it fails to work on the 256 MEG Stick that RAM is incompatible with your system and shouldn't be used in it.

Most cases of NB's not recognizing their RAM and failing to Boot is because the RAM isn't fitted correctly.


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Bad Memory or Bad Memory Slot

by egulab In reply to Replaced RAM, screen went ...

Being a Ex Dell Technician for portables, i would suggest u to swap the memory and check with it, and make sure that both the memory's are of same speed,cause it might not work if one chip is of 533 Mhz and one is 400 Mhz. One more thing check the chip with another laptop to make sure that the memory is working fine. In case nothing works contact-1800-624-9896......

Keep your fingure cross......

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fixed but new problem

by ethcart In reply to Replaced RAM, screen went ...

I hadn't seated the ram correctly. I'm used to replacing PC ram over and over again, and I've never replaced laptop ram. The laptop ram, as you know, must go in at a 45 degree angle first and then gently slid into the slide, it's not a straight down job like a PC

Now however, my computer is stuck in a boot loop. I get to windows login for about .7 seconds, then a blue screen of death however its not up long enough for me to tell what it is, then it starts the process all over. I attempted to start into safemode, which worked the first time. I went into last known good configuration and it did a drive check, now however when I try to get into safemode, or boot from windows CD it freezes up.

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Remove the smaller RAM Chip

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to fixed but new problem

And try again. If it still does this you need to look at performing a Repair Install but I think that the moment that you remove the second RAM Stick the problem will disappear because you have different speed RAM.

I would tend to think that you have a Timing issue or a faulty Stick but my first guess would be a Timing issue between the different RAM.

When I replace any NB RAM I always replace all of it at the same time as that way I avoid any potential problems with timing issues. Not do I make sure that each stick of ram is the same but comes from the same manufacturing batch so the possibility of differences between batches is removed.


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