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Replacement for send command in Windows Vista

By pkiskis ·
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I tried researching this on my own with no avail. I came across and signed up here at the TechRepublic. I did find a few posts, but the people who answered thought the question were about instant messenger, not the command prompt send command. I know it is no longer in Vista because of security issues. I am old school, and don't use instant messenger (yet).
I am testing Vista (giving it a fair trial) and would like to send other users admin messages. I don't like people using instant messengers at work for obvious reasons. I'm not a die hard but we are in business for a reason : ). Thanks in advance

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by GMPont In reply to Replacement for send comm ...

You can use msg.exe a lot like net send in Vista, although it is limited to Business, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions. Home Basic and Home Premium are out of luck.

Use the usual help inquiry (C:\Windows\System32>msg /?) for syntax info, but basically a command like this one...

C:\msg /server:workstation01 jim "Message"

...would send a message to the workstation01 computer, to jim's session.

One of the nice things about msg.exe is that unlike net send in XP, you don't need the messenger service running for it to work.

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Thank You

by pkiskis In reply to Msg.exe

Thank you,
You clarifed it so well. I kept reading about the MSG.exe command for Vista by other members and internet searches. But I just couldn't find it. Then I read, doesn't exist in Vista etc... Well I have home premium, and that's why I can't find it.
The solution, get ultimate. I apprecitate your input.

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