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Replacement suggestions for Asus Prime Z270-P Intel 7th Gen

By AardvarkWolf ·
Tags: Hardware
I am looking to replace a damaged Asus Prime Z270-P Intel 7th/8th Gen gaming motherboard with any brand with similar specs preferably a slight upgrade. However, I want to reuse the Intel i7 7th gen processor and the RAM.

I want a good used motherboard as I don't know if the Processor or RAM are working after the old PSU fried the motherboards due to a fault. The PC is not mine, so I do not want to spend a lot.

Do you have any suggestions.
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Nearly impossible today.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Replacement suggestions f ...

I doubt if a good used board I find in Whitehorse BC Canada would be cost effective to ship to Australia.

It appears you'll have to shop in your locale this time.

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I only need the motherboard's name.

by AardvarkWolf In reply to Nearly impossible today.

I do not need someone to do shopping.

If you know a motherboard that has similar specs you just post the motherboard name.
Job done.

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Having seen PCs that the power supply smoked the board.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to I only need the motherboa ...

Not one had the CPU, RAM and drives survive. These failures were the hardest on the owners I've seen. They hoped something would survive but in some dozen cases, about all that survived was the case.

OK, the exact model of the CPU was omitted. But 7th gen?

Back when we did make 7th gen i7 desktops we didn't find motherboards to be unacceptable or bad. Here's a Newegg list:

Some are refurbs but no great savings. Maybe you can try Ebay?

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My original question says i7 CPU.

by AardvarkWolf In reply to Having seen PCs that the ...

In my original post I mention an i7 processor.

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Have to write.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to My original question says ...

That telling it's a 7th gen i7 is not exact enough.

Even if we look at motherboards that have the same chipset, socket and note 7th gen i7 CPU support then we must still check the CPU compatibility list for that board to be sure.

I know average folk may not have such information but if you are going to repair a PC, you need this level of detail. I know I do.

To give you a chance I did see what Newegg had to offer and supplied a link to what boards that are being offered. Again, I never ran into a board that I couldn't use.

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Scary Info but Thanks

by AardvarkWolf In reply to Having seen PCs that the ...

Thanks, that's going to be scary to relate to the owner but thanks for the warning.

I may have lost 3 motherboards. 3 CPUs a one set of high-speed RAM. 2 MB of the owners the morning I swapped motherboards and mine when I took the system home to test the PSU.

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