Replacing a Domain Controller - What to do with user profiles ?

By thelizardbloke ·

I have a small network with one Windows 2000 DC. The server recently suffered a severe hardware failure (fortunately the data was backed up) and will not be rejoining the domain.

I have built a new Windows 2003 server that will function as a Domain Controller and handle all the FSMO roles. The server has the same name and IP address as the one it's replacing. I set it up as the first DC in the forest because I wasn't sure about whether or not to attempt to seize the FSMO roles (the old DC won't even boot).

My question is, what should I do with the user profiles that are on the workstations ? Is it just a case of joining the workstations to the domain on the new DC and the profiles function as they did before ?

I'm thinking probably not, that a new user profile will be created. Since I've never encountered this situation before, I thought I'd find out from someone that has.

I have no issues with copying the profiles if I need to. I just wanted to know what the scope of the work was and if there were any "Gotchas".

Many thanks in advance.

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Similar issues.

by Dean Wheatley In reply to Replacing a Domain Contro ...

I have had a similar issue recently where my main DC failed, however I did have a backup DC on the network so I could sieze the FSMO roles without too much hassle.

Depending on how many clients you look after I would possibly consider overwriting the newly created local profiles with the previous versions, though this could lead to other problems if the domain name is different, server name differences, shared printer ports or other minor differences.

This article may help though....

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by thelizardbloke In reply to Similar issues.

My sincere thanks for the prompt response.

I kept the server and domain names the same to mitigate the damages, so I'm hoping I can dodge the bullet by manually copying the user profiles over any newly created ones.

Fortunately, there are not too many machines in this domain and I'm not afraid of a bit of manual work :)

Best regards,

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