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    replacing a hex char


    by quentin_burgess ·

    Hi, I’m trying to get rid of the hex value ‘0A’ at the very end of my file, any ideas, im on HP-UX

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      Reply To: replacing a hex char

      by tech_wiz03 ·

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      Hex value 0x0A is the symbol of the LineFeed. In windows systems each line saved into a file normally has 0x0D then 0x0A where 0x0D is the carriage return code and 0x0A is the linefeed code such that if the file is printed it will print out right. On Linux/Unix systems lines can be terminated with one or the other or both. Question is WHY you would want to remove them and what software you are using that is putting them. If you are writing your own software in basic for example, you can suppress the inclusion of the CRLF sequence by using width “lpt1”,255 and then terminating lines (or not) using print chr$(13) or Chr$(10) or chr$(13)+chr$(10) ok

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