Replacing a P2 with a P3

By dutt03 ·
I want to replace a pentuim 2 300Mhz Slot 1 cpu with a pentium 3 500Mhz slot 1 processor. I did the switch but pc will not load any thoughts. The computer is an old Gateway 2000 server tower. It was running Win XP pro, it has 128MB ram (looking for more for it). I am wondering if I need to rest Bios or something to get it to work? Any thoughts are welcome from all to see if can do the swap and have it work. Or if I will have to wait until I can get some extra money and change out the board,CPU and ram to a better one.

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It's been a long time since the Slot 1 Days

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Replacing a P2 with a P3

But I seem to remember that the P2 300 ran at 66 MHZ FSB and the 500 MHZ P3 ran at 100 MHZ FSB. Unless that M'Board supports the capability of using a 100 MHZ CPU it will not work on it.

Quite a few of the earlier P2 M'Boards only ran at 66 MHZ FSB and they where unable to be upgraded much higher than a 350 MHZ CPU I Think. I'm not longer quite sure where the FSB Speed change was I know that the 300 ran at 66 MHZ I think that the 350 also ran at 66 MHZ but everything faster ran at 100 MHZ FSB. If you are unable to alter the FSB on the M'Board that particular CPU will never work with that M'Board.

I would suggest downloading the owners manual from Gateway for the system to see if you can switch the FSB of the M'Board or from the M'Board maker if the M'Board has been swapped out over the years. If there is no mention of a FSB Setting you are stuck with the 300 defiantly and maybe can go to a 350 MHZ CPU but not the faster P2 or 3's.


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I've just had a look at the specs

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to It's been a long time sin ...

Of a M'Board that I know would accept Slot 1 P2 or 3's and here is the stated CPU's that it could use.

This is a Gigabyte GA 6BXDU which was a Dual CPU M'Board with Built in SCSI and was at its time the top of the range in the High End Server Boards that where available.

The highest speed CPU that this M'Board is rated to is 550 MHZ even though thee where some 1 GIG Slot 1 100 MHZ FSB CPU's made by Intel that I used in some old IBM Netfinity which could use the slowest P2 to the 1 GIG P3's provided that they where Slot 1 and not Socket 370 as even with an adaptor Board you couldn't use 2 Socket 370 P3's.

If you look at page 9 of the PDF file here it shows you how to identify Socket 1 Intel CPU's

The P2 started at 233 MHZ and went to 450 MHZ and then the P3 Started at 450 MHZ and went up to 1 GIG at which point they changed the Core Voltage and internal design so you had to go to a different M'Board to use these CPU's though they where still Socket 370.

Page 13 in the same file gives you a listing of the available 100 MHZ FSB Intel CPU's and there where some 800 MHZ FSB but there are also a listing for some 133 MHZ FSB 800 MHZ CPU's elsewhere on the Intel Site as well so they will not work on the M'Board that you have and you'll really need to get a copy of the Owners Manual for the available FSB of that M'Board and how to set it.


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BIOS and Hardware

by TheChas In reply to Replacing a P2 with a P3

As HAL stated, there were a number of speed limitations on the slot 1 motherboards.

As I recall, nearly all motherboards that came with a Pentium II CPU would not support a Pentium III CPU at all.

There is an outside chance that Gateway has a BIOS update for your motherboard that would support a PIII CPU. Otherwise, the answer is a new system or at least a new motherboard.

You can also look up the details on the motherboard chip-set at Intel's web site to see if the hardware supports a PIII.

Another issue with Gateways, is that they are VERY finicky about what RAM works in them. If you do decide to add RAM, I recommend that you take the tower in to a local PC shop and see if they have any RAM that actually works with this system.


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The info from Hal is correct, you need to check the system

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Replacing a P2 with a P3

I've worked on a few slot 1 systems and every one had the cpu speed set by jumpers on the motherboard - one for 66, 100 base and then one for a multiplier of 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5. You'll need to open the system, identify these jumpers and reset them to 100 x 5.

BTW some of the early boards did not have the 100 mhz option and some topped out at 350 mhz. Also some were only capable of handling a P2, there is a minor internal difference, but most handled P2 and P3.

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You cant

by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to Replacing a P2 with a P3

You cannot put a p3 onto a p2 motherboard on a gateway 2000.I tried and tested it myself.Open up a savings account.

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You cant

by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to Replacing a P2 with a P3

You cannot put a p3 onto a p2 motherboard on a gateway 2000.I tried and tested it myself.Open up a savings account.

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