Replacing a very small hard drive

By scotmandoo ·
I think I undrstand the basics of replacing a hard drive.. just not a 100% positive as to the boot up process I know it has to be changed in the Bios so as it will boot from cd not quite sure how to go about that particular function...Also if anyone out there has any sugestions or things to do or not to, I would greatly appreciate any input....Thanks Gary Mc.

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Replacing HD

by p.j.hutchison In reply to Replacing a very small ha ...

There are a few things you need to know:

1. Is it an IDE (ATA) also know as PATA (Parallel ATA) or a SATA (Serial ATA) disk?
2. If its a PATA or IDE disk, you need to set the jumper to Master (see this disk itself for where jumpers go).

3. In the BIOS you need to change the order in which the discs are checked. A good order is:
1 - Removable media (eg. Floppy, USB, Zip)
2 - CD or DVD ROM drives
3 - Hard disk
4 - Any other device
The place and location where this is depends on the manufacturer and version of BIOS. Typically it will be under 'Advanced BIOS Features' or equivalent.

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Just another thing to add

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Replacing HD

As you asked how to change a Small HDD if this is in an Old Computer you need to remember that the BIOS has an Upper Size Limit for the HDD and you can not exceed this Size and have the HDD work correctly without first using some software to trick the BIOS into thinking that it is addressing a different size HDD.

If you are new to this it's always a better option to go with a HDD equal to or smaller than the Upper Size Supported by BIOS.

You may also initially provided that the replacement HDD isn't formatted not need to change the Boot Order but this depends entirely on what OS you are installing. If it's something like Windows XP you can get away with leaving everything alone as it should be set to Floppy, HDD 0 and then CD/DVD and if there is no partition on the HDD it will default to the CD/DVD Drive to format and copy the files to so you can load the OS like that. However if you are attempting to load Windows 98 you'll need to first FDISK the Drive and then FORMAT it so you'll need the boot Options set to Floppy Cd/DVD then HDD 0.

As this will be on an IDE lead do as the above poster said.

However if by Small you mean a Note Book HDD that's a different matter and you'll again need to know if it's a SATA or IDE drive what the Upper Size Limit Supported by BIOS is and what are the physical charastics of the HDD so you can get one that will work in place of the one that you are removing.. You'll need to look at the physical size and height of the drive as well as the size supported in MEG or GIG.


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Lots of help

by scotmandoo In reply to Just another thing to add

Thanks Hal, I meant a 10 gig (small) HD.. The computer is really not that old so I am not looking for to many problems as far as the size that I can install back in the system .I am going to replace it with a 60 gig, I am not quite sure how to get into the bios correctly, if you could shed some light on that patricular situation I would be very greatful... Thanks for you time ....Gary Mc.

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BIOS Screen

by p.j.hutchison In reply to Lots of help

The key to get into the BIOS is either ESC, F1, F2 or DEL, it depends on the motherboard manufacturer and the BIOS version. Press it repeatedly when the system first starts up and does the POST checks.

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As PJ seems to have covered everything

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Lots of help

If you have a problem with the 60 GIG drive not being recognised by BIOS there is a disk management tool on The Ultimate Boot CD which you can use to trick the BIOS into thinking that it's looking at a smaller drive. You can download th Ultimate Boot CD from here

It's just that 60 GIG is a strange size as they mainly went from 20 to 40 to 80 GIG and while IBM did have some 60 GIG HDD's around they where a rarity and being a Death Star where not something that you really wanted all that much.

But good luck in your endeavours.


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Many Thanks

by scotmandoo In reply to As PJ seems to have cover ...


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Lots of help

by scotmandoo In reply to Replacing HD

Thanks P.J. wasn't quite sure all of the steps figure I was better of asking.. Gary Mc.

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