Replacing a windows 2000 SBS with a Windows 2008 Standard Server

By scott.manning ·
We have a windows 2000 Small Business Server in our small office, that is also our a DC (Our only DC). It is also our File Server and Print Server.
We have SQL Installed on it and have one DB we use.

We want to replace it with a Windows 2008 Standard (Or Even foundation) server.

I thought i would be able to build the new server, install the OS, add it to the current domain, run dcpromo to promote it as the domain controller, Install SQL on it and set up our DB.
Is it really that easy?
What will happen with the AD Set up on the current server, is there anyway to copy all the information from the old server to the new one, or will all the users and computers have to be set up again?

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you have to seize all roles before you decommission SBS

by CG IT In reply to Replacing a windows 2000 ...

but you might consider this option.

when you setup your 2008 including Active Directory and DNS, keep the same domain name but, and this is important, give it a different NetBIOS name than the SBS box.

you can use the ADMT to migrate user accounts to the new domain on the 2008 box which is the same domain name.

you can then join workstations to the new domain. Users will lose their desktop settings but if you warn them to back up their data, they can have their favorites.

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