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Replacing an ageing PC

By roywig ·
It appears to me that the way forward is not to buy a new pc plus all the attendant operating systems/software etc..
Is it not possible to have a new PC that exists in the 'cloud structure'?
I envisage a bare bones device that enables me to connect to a cloud computer with all the software I need in it.All I would require is a keyboard. a mouse and a screen (which I already have) and possibly a hard drive memory - and what else?
Any ideas?

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a modem,

by john.a.wills In reply to Replacing an ageing PC

and probably a printer. In the old days (pre-1980, say), we did our computing on mainframes via comparatively dumb terminals, so the technology is certainly there. Well, where exactly? Of course, in the old days we had better programming environments than Unix (ICL's George III, HP MPE, etc.), so there is something odd about how things get commercialized.

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You'll also need some way of connecting to the cloud

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Replacing an ageing PC

Your question reminds me of the early days on the Internet a big telco here sent out CD's to everyone which said all you need to connect to the internet is this Disc & a modem. A customer was complaining that the modem I supplied wasn't working. They read the directions bought a modem and couldn't connect to the Internet because they didn't have a computer.

No matter what you still need something to generate the signals for the screen, interpret the input from the keyboard/mouse and connect to the internet so you can access the cloud system. So some kind of. Chromebook is what you actually need. You should also bear in mind that because everything would be done remotely that the cloud provider will be charging you for their software & services as well as a increased amount of data transfer between tour terminal the cloud & back to the terminal. It also leaves the opportunity to have less security and the possibility of breaches with everything you do.


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