Replacing an external hard drive shell?

By hurricanex90 ·
Hey everyone at TechRepublic,

I acquired a Iomega Prestige 500GB external hard drive ( around 5 months ago. I put around 300GB of important documents that have really helped out my primary computer which is pushing 600GB at a 1TB threshold.

Around 1 month into owning it, the hard drive fell from my computer onto to the USB 2.0 cable, not anywhere else. The fall bent the USB female (?) part of the external hard drive by just a tiny bit, but it has caused my computer to not be able to read it anymore. I am 100% sure that the actual hard drive inside the enclosure is fine, so I do not want to play upwards of $1200 so Iomega can "fix" it.

My question to you is simple, can i replace the external enclosure with another enclosure ( If so, will this enclosure work with my current Iomega 500GB?

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Easy answer here is

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Replacing an external har ...

No it will not.

But this is because you have a 3.5 inch HDD and have looked at a Enclosure for a 2.5 inch HDD. A 3.5 Inch HDD isn't going to fit into a 2.5 inch enclosure.

You need to open the IOmega Casing and find out what type of HDD is inside it a IDE or SATA type and then get an enclosure for that type of Drive alone with it's Power Adapter.

If all that has happened is that the Interface Card has been damaged and is no longer working that should enable you to recover your data but with any external HDD you need to understand that falling can kill them particularly if they are running at the time. It's the sudden stop that does the damage as it can cause the Read Write Heads to drag on the Platters destroying the Magnetic Material on that section of the platter and making it impossible to read anything form there any more. It also caused the Read Write Heads to be damaged rendering it impossible to read off the Platters any longer. This doesn't affect the running of the drive just the ability to Read/write tot he platters.


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