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replacing bad video card

By gmgardner ·
It seems that I have a dis-functional video card on a 2000 model HP desktop. This is my personal computer. I think that I can replace it myself with a cheep video card. I don't do gaming on this computer. The problem is I can't see anything anymore with the computer. I know it's not the monitor because it works with my laptop.
How can I uninstall drivers from the old video card if I can't see anything on the screen? How should I proceed? What's the best inexpensive video card for a old HP Pavillion desktop computer?


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Tech Q&A is where this question belongs

by JamesRL In reply to replacing bad video card

But clarify I few things for me.

When you say you have a bad video card -is it a AGP card or is it the built in video on the motherboard?

If its a bad card, you can simply swap. If your OS doesn't find the drivers, it will default to basic VGA mode, and then you can install drivers.

If its the video on the motherboard, quite often there will be a jumper on the motherboard to disable on board video, and then of course it looks to the AGP slot.

Whats the best cheap card? Well ATI and nVidia make the most common chipsets these days. I would look for a refurbished card from someone like Tigerdirect. A Geforce 2 (nVidia) or a an ATI 8xxx series would be fine.

If you are using onboard video, you may free up some RAM by adding an AGP card.


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