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replacing cmos battery in a compaq 7770

By donh762 ·
how do i get to the cmos battery in the 7770 series compaq lap top?

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by TheChas In reply to replacing cmos battery in ...

Most laptops do not have a CMOS battery.

They use flash ROM for the BIOS settings, and the regular battery to run the clock.

The 7700 series also has an auxiliary rechargeable battery inside the case that is used to power the clock when the unit is off, or the battery back becomes weak.

Check this HP link for more details:


From the Compaq manual:

"IMPORTANT: Record your password and put it in a safe place. If you forget the password, you cannot turn on the computer until a Compaq authorized dealer, reseller, or service provider has cleared
the password from computer memory."

Just in case you are looking for the CMOS battery in order to reset the system password. For most laptops, you need either a special cable, or a back door password to get in and reset the system passwords.


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by dmiles In reply to replacing cmos battery in ...

Found this reference to battery from TR

If this is a relatively modern note book, changing the battery should not be all that difficult. Opening up a laptop, on the other hand can be tough. I'm not familiar with winbooks but I work on a lot of Dells. You have to be very carefull removing some of the trim pieces or they may break. If you are lucky, you may only need to remove the keyboard and look underneath for the battery. Dells are marked on the bottm of the case with letters by the screws, remove all the ones marked "K" to remove the keyboard etc. New batteries can be found at radio shack or the like. Other than the old style boards with barral batteries, new batteries are just standard watch/camera type batteries. Good luck and be careful.

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