Replacing DC running exchange with DC with same name and IP

By richard.lonergan ·
I currently have a 2003 DC running Exchange and Certificate services (RPC over HTTP enabled for Exchange). Long story cut short, its broken or keeps breaking..
I would like to replace the DC with a new Server but need to keep the Same computer name and IP address as well as move all the Exchange data from old to new.
I have read many posts about replacing a DC, which I have done before reasonably successfully, but I've never moved a DC with Exchange, especially running RPC.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Current Server is 2003 Standard, with Exchange 203 Standard
New Server will hpoefully be 2003 R2 and Exchange 2003.
Yes I have a fully Backup Exec backup of the exchange store.

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What we do....

by JamesRL In reply to Replacing DC running exch ...

Backup the existing DC to a PC on the network.

Shut down the old server.

Bring up the new server, restore from Backup on the PC. Tweak and adjust.

Bring up the old server without having it plugged into the network. Rename, Re IP. Then make put it on the net in case you need to refer to something.

The one thing you never want to do is have two PDCs on the network at the same time.

And we generally do this after hours when users are aware of an outage.


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what about R2

by richard.lonergan In reply to What we do....

The current PDC is 2003 (I also have BDC 2003 R2 in the same domain)
The DC I'm planning on is a 2003 R2, if I was to do a standard BAckup Exec Restore to the new server (which will hopefully already have the computer name and Ip set) wil this cause any issues.

I cannot demote current PDC becuase it runs Ceritfacte services (RPC over HTTP) I assume the rstore should put al this onto the new server.

Q.? The new server will need to have the name and IP assigned before I do the restore.

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by Kjell_Andorsen In reply to Replacing DC running exch ...

In my experience it's never a good idea to try to give a new DC the same name and IP as the old one. It may seem like more work to bring up a new DC with a new name and then migrate exchange over to it, but trust me it will be a lot easier in the long run.

My suggestion for your process is to bring up the new server, promote it to a DC, transfer the FSMO roles from the old server to the new. Make the new server is a GC and that all AD (and DNS if you use the old server as a DNS server) data replicates properly.

At this point you can install Exchange on the new server and migrate the mailboxes etc over to the new server. It really is not considered best practice to run Exchange on a DC though, so if at all possible I would recommend putting Exchange on a different box. It can be hard finding the budget for this, but remember that in most situations you don't really need a beefy box to run a DC on, one thing you should consider is getting a lower-end server to be the new DC and use the new box you have right now just for Exchange.

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Exchange Migration

by richard.lonergan In reply to Honestly

Thanks for that.
I am seriously considering bringing the new server in as the Exchange Box and cleaning up the old DC. I currently have a backup DC which appears to replicate fine (well it does now). If I bring the new server as exchange can you point me in the direction for best practice Exchange migration.
Oh and just to make it so much more interesting, my CURRENT DC (with Exchange/DHCP/DNS/AD/Printing and Shares) is running Certificate services, which allow me to use RPC over HTTP, if I move this to the NEW exchange server will all users need to update the new certificate. (The certificate is a windows cert not a paid for one)

Thanks for your help

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