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Replacing existing 2003 server

By mcantine ·
I am going to be replacing the 2003 server in our environment. This is the only server and is the AD and fileserver. It is currently 2003, and I will be replacing the server hardware and upgrading to 2003R2. Are there any tech docs or items I must be aware of before doing this? I have only added servers to a network, not replaced one that is the primary help is needed.

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Restore server

by p.j.hutchison In reply to Replacing existing 2003 s ...

Since this is a AD domain controller, you must backup the System State and all files on C: (and other drives) and restore it to you new server. The new server should be of similar hardware esp. the HD controller otherwise you might get BSOD screens such as 'Inaccessible Boot disk' so I would test a restore on to new server before doing it for real. As for restoring AD etc, press F8 during boot up and select Directory Services Restore Mode (special Safe Mode).

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Replacing server

by mcantine In reply to Restore server

I'm not restoring a server, I'm replacing it. The hardware is completely different. The current 2003 server is functional. I just needed some tech tips on migrating the AD and other items I may need to be aware of from one 2003 server to another? I was wondering if something such as adding the new server in as a bdc and then promoting it and demoting the primary, but know that pdc and bdc do not exist anymore, but wonder if that functionality is still there and what is now called.

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Replacing server

by p.j.hutchison In reply to Replacing server

Yes, you can do that, install Windows on new server and join it to the domain and then run DCPromo.exe to make it a domain controller, it will copy the AD structure across. You will need to move the FSMO roles manually.

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by mcantine In reply to Replacing server

I think that is what I was needing. I did find this answer doing research late last night, but thanks for the confirmation!

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