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    Replacing hard drive in Sony Vaio TR3A


    by lugawrisch ·

    I need to replace fault Hitachi hard drive in ultrathin laptop Sony VAIO TR3A.
    First, I need instructions to open the laptop. It does not go just by removing the available screws.. What’s a trick?



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      by lugawrisch ·

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      by nepenthe0 ·

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      I have replaced hard drives on a couple of Sony notebooks. If you don’t have a User Manual, download the .pdf manual from Sony:

      You should have a set of optical screwdrivers, including Philips tip.

      Remove the bezel attachment screws. There should be 5 screws located along the underside perimeter, marked with a small [i]arrow[/i] embossed in the plastic housing, and 1 centrally located screw, for a total of 6 screws. These are [b]not[/b] the same that unlatch the memory compartment. They should be identical in size. If not, you have removed a screw that should have been left alone.

      Place the notebook on a flat surface as you would normally do, and the bezel encompassing the keypad should be easily lifted. If it seems snagged anywhere, use no force, but recheck for an unremoved screw.

      Carefully lift the bezel that encompasses the keypad. It is usually unnecessary to disconnect the touchpad cable if you tape the bezel to the monitor housing. You will see your hard drive to the right of the touch pad area.

      Ground yourself with a wrist strap or by touching the metal chassis, and gently remove the two screws that secure the the hard drive. Remove the attaching cable.

      Reverse the order of this procedure and you have done it. Congratulations on replacing your first notebook hard drive!

      Rick/Portand, OR

      P.S. – I glanced at the User Manual, and I agree with you, the manual omits bezel removal for hard drive replacement.

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