Replacing PDC with a Windows 2008 server.

By barth.donald ·
We are in the early stages of replacing our Primary domain controller. Unfortunately our PDC also serves as our File/Print Server. Our company has grown considerably over the past few years and network load has also increased. Time has come to replace the server and we will be splitting the duties into separate servers.

First, our network has 11 domain controllers. When we replace the PDC it will be the only one that is running Server 2008. What kind of issues can I expect? Can I or am I required to raise the Domain or Forest functional level. We are a single forest with a single domain.

Second, when I split the server duties which server needs to retain the original IP address and DNS name? Our end users have many applications running to the File/print server that would be effectively broken when the domain name changes. However this is a much more pleasant thought than if I change the name of the PDC and no one can log into the network.

I appreciate any input that can be provided. Thanks!

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IP File Server

by BFilmFan In reply to Replacing PDC with a Wind ...

You need to take a look at all the Microsoft articles on the 2008 Server AD gotchas.

You have MAJOR issues ahead of you.

You are going to have to move the PDC role to another DC. That will resolve the login issue. This is only an issue if you do not have another domain controller to move the role. Also, make sure all the roles are not held by the same server.

You are going to have to figure out HOW you are going to use the same IP address for all those applications on a server which you are going to have to remove from the domain and then re-add back to the domain. Note that when you DC Promo out the old PDC, all your applicaitons might well break and not work till reinstalled. Best check that you have all the install disks and licenses.

My recommendation is to have an expert look over your plan and advise you. Be prepared to PAY for that service and to execute on their instructions.

In addition, submit this commentary to the owner/president of the company so that they may know the people running your company's IT in the past were idiots and should be fired if still there. Promote Barth as he was smart enough to ask a question before executing on a plan, which is a sign of a good custodian.

Best of luck.

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