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Replacing Spam filter. Any sugestions.

By mjwx ·
We're replacing our UCE management system. I?ve started looking at something from GFI or Symantec but I was wondering what else people would recommend. We are using MS exchange 2003 (SBS).

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by walshw In reply to Replacing Spam filter. An ...

I have used Barracuda spam firewall at two companies now and they truly are a "Ronco like" appliance you set it and forget it. There is also plugin for outlook. but best is my exchange 2003 server never even sees the stuff thus utilization is way down. Last week of the 42,000 messages a day 93 pecent was spam that my mail server never saw.

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I second the Barracuda

by Old Guy In reply to Barracuda

That's what we've used here for several years now with excellent results.

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thanks for the reply

by mjwx In reply to I second the Barracuda

I've been looking at the barracuda, my only concern is that we are a small/medium business and are only trying to protect 100 mailboxes (at the moment).

Depends if I can get management to fork out AU$6000 for the base model (base model is only AU$3k but then there is updates and replacement (insurance)) but definatly is one of the solutions we are looking at.

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'Cuda is not just an SMB solution...

by Mr L In reply to thanks for the reply

I manage the messaging/mail infrastructure for an F500 13 billion dollar business with 13,000+ users, and replaced one of the "Big Boys" with Barracuda devices 6 months ago. Spam is down, service and support are excellent, and the manageability has been greatly improved. You could do far worse for far more $.

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pricing reply

by aschrader In reply to thanks for the reply

Services are much less than that for a 100 user company. Feel free to call for pricing.

-Andrew S, AppRiver

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Baracuda Problems with greylisting

by laduerksen In reply to Barracuda

I looked into a Baracuda system about a year ago. I was using a Unix based SMTP filter in front of an Exchange 2003 server and was looking for something simpler to manage plus not have the problems with graylisting with some of the larger email systems like Yahoo that do not resend from the same server.

After calling Baracuda's support line I was left with the impression that I would have the same problem.

What I settled for was using Microsoft Inteligent Message Filter and three RBLs, two of which are dynamic ip filters. The dynamic ip filters knock out about 80% of the spam and viruses to start. Although it is not quite as effective in filter spam as the Unix box it does have fewer false positives.

I use Trend Micro's Client/Server/Messaging Suite for antivirus.

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Two interesting (and different) options

by Cactus Pete In reply to Replacing Spam filter. An ...

...that I would suggest:

Tumbleweed MailGate AntiSpam appliance



With the appliance you can control all the issues from behind your own firewall. With Postini, they handle all of the MX records and even handle some amount of Business Continuity in case your mail servers crash.

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I second Postini

by njones In reply to Two interesting (and diff ...

I have used Postini's Message Center in two different environments (medium-sized company and a small business) and would recommend it highly.

Having run (fought with) an unstable, internal SMTP relay spam solution for 3 years, I was more than happy to hand it off to someone outside my network to manage.

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by techinfo In reply to Two interesting (and diff ...

Of all the things we have done to make users life easier Postini is the only thing that a user came to me and said thank you for using.

Plus with McAfee viruse scanning at Postini and Symantic in house we get double virus scans.

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I highly recommend Postini

by njones In reply to Two interesting (and diff ...

I have used Postini at two different companies. (400 users and 30 users)

I can't recommend it more highly. Keeps the bad stuff out of your network and off your pipe...

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