Replacing the monitor on a Compaq laptop without the problems.

By demortis666 ·
The screen on my laptop is busted and I need to repair it without
completely taking it apart. I already have a replacement, but to get it I
had to strip the computer down to pieces.

Does anyone know how to replace the monitor without the demolition
crew? If so, mind placing a walkthrough?

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Shouldn't be too hard

by Dedlbug In reply to Replacing the monitor on ...

I don't work on a lot of Compaq's, but I repair a lot of Dell's. I think they would be similar. Usually it starts with removing the keyboard and/or a cover part just above the keyboard. Then you have access to the hinge the screen flips out on. Probably a (small) bolt attachment at the hinge. Relatively easy to remove in most cases. Then there is the signal cable running down to the Motherboard.

Do you have a model number for your laptop? The Compaq/HP website might have a visual guide.

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That might work.

by demortis666 In reply to Shouldn't be too hard

Do you know if it has to be a certain monitor or if anything
would work?

Also, Compaq loves to be complex, I'm not sure if it will be
that easy. Dells are well known for their easy clips, allowing
for quicker and easier repair.

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If your Compaq has a one-piece top...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Replacing the monitor on ...

There are two 'hidden' clips on the rear fascia just below where the hinges are, when viewed from behind (with the lid open).

They 'click' up enabling removal of the top of the keyboard blanking panel.

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by demortis666 In reply to If your Compaq has a one- ...

There's nothing there.

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If you have a one-piece top - look again...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Nope

I did say they were hidden.

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by demortis666 In reply to If you have a one-piece t ...

I looked again and again and the switches don't exist on the
C554 model.

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