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    Replacing Ubiquiti Dream Machine with Ubiquiti Instance on Ubuntu Server

    by eavery887 ·


    Our Dream Machine cannot handle the amount of devices on our network so we are getting rid of it and putting our network controller on an Ubuntu 20.04.6 server.

    To install the ubiquiti controller on the server I used this script youtubedemos/ at main · lawrencesystems/youtubedemos · GitHub I DID NOT have any issues with installation. I went to private ip for this device] and the set up wizard popped right up. It functions properly.

    I then took a back-up of our Dream Machine controller and followed the upload steps to add it into the new Ubuntu Controller. It uploaded the back-up and then restarted the web interface app and prompted for my Ubiquiti Log in. I entered it in after verifying that the log in info was correct. It gave me an “Incorrect username and password” error. We also tried a co-worker’s log in and that was also denied. I selected “Forgot my Password” and gave them my email address to reset my password. BUT the log-in page is broken. I never got the email from them, and my log in information still gets my into the cloud UI site. When you put in the log in page still pops in but we cannot get passed that. The server is still online, We can SSH just fine.

    We have attempted this twice now. The first time we did the set-up then tried to import the back-up. The second time we attempted to do initial set up with the back-up.

    During that first attempt I had remote access to the Application via It was online and everyone could remote into it. Then we took the back-up of our dream machine and imported it. Again the same thing happened when we went to the log-in page didn’t actually work. AND when we went back to it was listed as offline. The server itself was still 100% online but the Ubiquiti UI was inaccessible.

    Why is it that when we upload the backup file do we lose access to the ubiquiti web interface side of our server? Is there a fix to this?

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