Replacing Windows 2000 server with Windows 2003 server

By nesnith ·
I have been doing my research on this, but I still haven't come up with a definite and safe upgrade plan.

We currently have a Windows domain governed by a Windows 2000 server. This server is the active directory, DNS, DHCP and file server for this domain. We want to replace this server with a new server with Windows 2003 server.

I have successfully made the new server a co-domain controller of this domain and have active directory running with no problem. However, I am quite lost in getting all the files from the old server to replicate in to the new server and letting the new server to take control of the cluster.

I found out that MS file migration tool doesn't work within the same domain.

So what are the possible methods to replicate files from the old server to the new server and to let the new server take control of the cluster?

Thanks for any input!

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this is a cluster of servers?

by CG IT In reply to Replacing Windows 2000 se ...

or are you just using the term cluster but don't mean that the servers on the network are clustered together?

how are files directed to the file server portion of the one box handles all configuration? mapped drives via logon script? folder redirection?

If you don't control where users store documents they create via folder redirection, home folders, mapped drives etc, there really isn't an easy way to sync files between folders residing on 2 different servers. Shadow Copy maybe...

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Just a domain, with 1 server and 6 clients

by nesnith In reply to this is a cluster of serv ...

Thanks for your quick response. I am not an IT professional, so please bear with me.

Maybe I should not have used the word cluster. So, we have a Windows 2000 server with 6 windows xp clients pointing to that win2k server. I believe this counts as a domain?

Each user has a specified directory on the win2k server with the path specified under their profiles.

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1 server 6 workstations...

by CG IT In reply to Just a domain, with 1 ser ...

so you map a home folder...

so create similar home folders on the new server,during off hours move the contents of the old home folders to the new home folders, change user home folders in their active directory account profile page to the new location.

sorta a simplistic answer but if you know how to join a W2003 Server to the AD network, then promote it to a DC, transfer roles, transfer DNS server, then creating new home folders and pointing clients to the new home folder after you move the contents shouldn't be a problem.

oh an addprep/forestprep and addprep/domainprep

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That was what we thought at first...

by nesnith In reply to 1 server 6 workstations.. ...

We had considered your suggestion in the beginnning of this whole process. But we thought it might involve more complicated procedures.

I am going to leave this thread open for a while. I'll do more research on this and get back here later on. Thanks for your help.

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it's a good plan

by CG IT In reply to That was what we thought ...

as long as users don't save stuff all over the place on the server and then map a drive to it, it's an easy way to go and a good plan.

I'd keep the old server around for a couple months just in case a user did save stuff all over the place...

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New question

by nesnith In reply to it's a good plan

Ok, now with further readings... I wonder how exactly file replication service works. Now I have the Windows 2003 server as a secondary DC. But all the user files are still on the old Windows 2000 server. Do I just start the FRS on the Windows 2000 server and the files will automatically replicate to the secondary server (and when a user writes a file, it will then write to both)?? Or do I need to manually drag and drop the home folders and user files from the old server to the new server?


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Files meaning user created?

by CG IT In reply to New question

User created junk isn't moved or replicated.

If you use home folders, and those folders are on the old server being retired, they must be moved to a "server" that is not being retired. Also have to remap the home folder location in their AD accounts or use a script to remap home folders.

If there are any other user created junk on the server being retired, that to must find a new home.

Also the sysvol and netlogin shares if they are located on the server being retired must also find a new home.

Since you only have/had 1 domain controller on the network, and your replacing it with a new one, you don't really have to sieze rolls from the old server. The last DC on the network inherits all roles. But just to be on the safe side, you probably should sieze all roles from the old DC. Verifty that all roles are on the new DC before you dcpromo demote.

one other thing, make a backup of the W2K DC before you start any migration, upgrade whatever just so if you run into problems, you can easily restore the W2K from backup and get the network running again without a lot of hassle.

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win 2000 server to win 2003 server

by danzspot In reply to Replacing Windows 2000 se ...

First, do these two servers have hot swap drives? Are they the same make? If so, just swap the drives and config.
If not, depending on the amount of data you have on the 2000 server, just copy the data across the network to the 2003 server, or set up replication in the 2003 server to replicate the data from the 2000 server and run it....done. Then set your permissions, roles, any any other rules on the 2003 server and you got it.

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