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Replicated Table Modification

By devlawson ·
I have to increase the size of a field from Varchar (1000) to varchar
(1400) in a table that is replicated.
The table has over 6 millions rows.

This is the plan I have to do that:

1- Drop Article/Publication on the table in the source server
2- Drop the subscription on the target table on the server receiving the
3- ALTER the table in the source Database to adjust the field size from 1500
to 2500
4- ALTER the table in the target Database to adjust the field sizefrom 1000
to 1400
5- Recreate the Publication/Article on the altered table, source server
6- Recreate the pull subscription on the altered table , target server
7- Run the REPL-Snapshot on the source server for the altered table

For those whohave extensive experience with replication,is there anything
in the steps above that I missed or any potential problems you can see.

Thanks for your insight,

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