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    Replication bet Win2K Svr and NT4 Svr


    by angelo_dsouza ·

    we have Three Servers on a LAN
    Server A the PDC,
    Server ‘B’ BDC Hosting a Mail server and acting as gateway to the internet, and
    Server ‘C’ BDC hosting an Oracle Database.

    Server ‘B’ is used for replicaton of certain critical Dirctrories both from
    Server “C” and a remote server server “D”

    Server ‘B’ has been converted to a Windows 2000 Server, with new installation
    on a separate NTFS Drive (not upgrade).

    The replication of Data in Directories which takes place between Server “B” with Servers “C” and remote server “D”
    has stopped, and I would like to know if and how the repliction can be reestablished.

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      Replication bet Win2K Svr and NT4 Svr

      by rkelly ·

      In reply to Replication bet Win2K Svr and NT4 Svr

      The directory replication service is NOT supported under Windows 2000, when planning an upgrade the directory export computer should always be the last to be upgraded.

      To make the replication occur you can either scheule a task that copies the data (a batch file and the AT command), or download a scipt from the MS Web Site – the script allows you you schedule a link between the repl$ share on your export server and a Windows 2000 server. Once you have the script you still need to use AT to schedule the task.

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      Replication bet Win2K Svr and NT4 Svr

      by qb ·

      In reply to Replication bet Win2K Svr and NT4 Svr

      You can configure inter-site replication by using the Active Directory Sites and Services snap-in. To configure the FRS (File Replication Service) settings, you must create a new site link for the inter-site transport protocol listed in the console tree. Once you’ve created the site link, right-click the site link object and click Properties. You can now configure the inter-site replication as necessary.

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