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    Replication of Data


    by vikramsokhi ·


    On my company’s network I have sbs 2003 server which is a DC, DHCP and Exchange server. I want to install a additional DC with in the same domin and I want to replicate all the data, shared folders on additional DC so that if my mail DC goes down users automatically be shifted to new DC and can excess the data. My question is can it be possible and how to implement.

    Hope to hear from you expert guys soon.

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      by vikramsokhi ·

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      Sure, it can be done.

      by bart777 ·

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      You would want to use DFS to do teh job.

      Now in order to do this you may have to re-architect how your shares are configured on the server. The issue is that you can only have a single DFS root with SBS, so all of your shares need to be located in the same root folder on a drive.

      Not very hard to setup and works well for what you are trying to do.

      Best of luck.

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