Replying to email in Outlook

By tintoman ·
My client has installed MS Office 2003 on a PC which runs Windows 7 Professional.
When he clcicks the button to reply to an email, the new message window appears without the original sender's email address in the "To" box, in other words the "To" box is always empty.
Also when he receives an email which has been sent to a group, and clicks the "Reply to all" button, all recipients of the original email appear in the "To" box but not the person who sent it originally.
MS Outlook has been upgraded to Outlook 2010 npw but this issue has remained after the upgrade.
This is a POP account not exchange.
Any ideas anyone?

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Don't upgrade, uninstall and do a clean install of Office.

by seanferd In reply to Replying to email in Outl ...

Back up the profile, but don't restore it to the new install at first, as profile settings may be part of the problem. You may need to restore mail, etc., piecemeal.

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Yep seanferd is correct here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Replying to email in Outl ...

The problem is with the Installed Office not that it is running on 7. You need to remove the existing Office Installation and reload the application bare without any settings before you will get this to work.

If you can I would Backup the stored E Mail which should be in a PST File but even that may now be corrupt with the installation of Outlook 2010 and then try to import the Backed up File into the newly installed Outlook.

Remember to just Import the Files not the Settings as they may be part of the original problem. Of course if the Stored Mail is now corrupt you'll have to dump the entire file and make the user start from scratch again.

I would first suggest removing the existing Install running a Registry Cleaner and then rebooting before you start to reload the application. If you do not do this you can cause the problem to persist.

Also when you have the new App installed you need to set it up manually and Do Not Import any Settings. Then check it's correct function before attempting to bring in any existing E Mail. If the E Mail Store is corrupted you may be required to restart the process again and this time Do Not attempt to import the E Mail Store.


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