Reports wont open in Access

By mr_t_wright ·
Hello all a user came to me asking about their Microsoft Access reports, I am not to familiar with reports in Access and their functionality so I dont know where to began to troubleshot. She has at least 20 reports listed and none will open. I double click nothing happens, I try to open it in a different view nothing happens. When I try to create a new database using either method and finish supplying the needed data it says unable to create your report? Does anyone know what the problem maybe?

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perhaps a clue will emerge

by john.a.wills In reply to Reports wont open in Acce ...

if you ask her how she wrote and saved the reports. And perhaps not, but that's all I can think of at the moment.

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Not even new

by mr_t_wright In reply to perhaps a clue will emerg ...

I will do that? However what would be the reason that you can create any new reports?

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The only other thing I can think of here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Reports wont open in Acce ...

Is did these ever work?

If they did there could be some form of corruption involved here and you may need to recover for the Backup.

This may be useful as well


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at one point

by mr_t_wright In reply to The only other thing I ca ...

Yes she said you used to work and then it just stopped.. I uninstalled office all together and re installed it however it still doesnt seem to be working.

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Well in that case

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to at one point

It's possible that a Windows or Office Update broke them.

If that's the case there is no easy answer.


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by ctaylor In reply to The only other thing I ca ...

I have run COMPACT/REPAIR with mixed levels of success. You want to run this operation consecutively about 10 times. (I know that doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different outcome is insane, but it often happens with MS Access). This is relatively low effort and should be attempted first.

When you get the DB working, you should verify that the DB is NOT set to "compact on close". Compacting on close always increases the chance of form and report corruption corruption.

If you ever find that you can open the form or report in design view, but it doesn't work in run time, you may have a corrupt control on the form. The only way I have worked around this is to open every form that uses the corrupt control, deleting the corrupt control, repairing the install of MS Access through the control panel, then readding the control to each form in the place where you deleted it. Leaving the corrupt control in place in even one form will prevent the "fix" from beign applied to all forms.

As all of the MS Access forums will tell you, splitting the data tables from the forms and reports will save you a lot of headaches by minimizing the risk that (the inevitable) form and report corruption will effect your data tables. Restoring can often be done in a matter of minutes by resessitating an older copy of the front end.

One final thought here, though the error generated is a little different, should the front end and back end are separate, moving the back end data tables, or renaming any folder along the folder path will break the link used by the front end to connect to the data tables. This can be fixed either by restoring the original folder names or storage location, or by using the LINKED TABLE MANAGER to repoint the front end to the linked tables.

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First question:

by TobiF In reply to Reports wont open in Acce ...

1. Where is the data she's trying to use?

If it's a local database only she is using, then it would be stored together with the reports specifications, so that would indicate corruption. Next step would be to search for back-ups.

If her database and/or reports retrieve data from some other system, then you need to check that the source database is still in place and that the owner hasn't deleted the account your user has been using.

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