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Reports Wrong Disk Size

By Cabe0052 ·
I used linux upt to image some win98 machines. The original machine had a 8g hard drive and the ones I imaged had 4g hard drives. The imaged machines now think they have 8's in windows(9 although the Bios reports the correct size. I had this happen a few years ago and found a solution but have forgotten what it was. I do know that it didn't involve reformatting or partition software. It was a reg hack or something similar. Any ideas out there?

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by statykserver In reply to Reports Wrong Disk Size

Run scandisk on the systems also try the autofix arguement. It's been a while but I think that should be able to fix your problem with Win98 reporting the wrong disk size.

c>scandisk /?
will list the options


SCANDISK [d: [d: . . .]|/all][/checkonly|/autofix[/nosave]|/custom][/surface]
SCANDISK volume-name[/checkonly|/autofix[/nosave]|/custom][/mono]
SCANDISK /fragment [d:][path]filename
SCANDISK /undo [undo-d:][/mono]

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by Cabe0052 In reply to Reports Wrong Disk Size

Scandisk tells me it found and fixed the problem but windows still reports the wrong drive size.

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