Reproduce Outlooks "Open additional mailbox" functionality in Thunderbird

By xenmachine ·
I've set up my primary account in Thunderbird 2 and I have no problems accessing my exchange mail for that account.

In Outlook, that account opened an additional mailbox using the same credentials - it's a shared mailbox that 3-4 users need access to, and each of our primary logins were allowed to open and use that mailbox.

I can't figure out how to do this in Thunderbird.

If I create a new account for this other mailbox, but put my primary account's username in, I'm told "Another account that uses that server name and user name already exists", OWTTE.

Is this possible to set up? Or is there a workaround?


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Shared email box in Thunderbird..

You will need to set up a new email account for this to work.

Shared Folders

IMAP offers the ability to set up shared accounts through the Webmail interface, and Thunderbird can subscribe to these shared mailboxes. To set up access to a shared mailbox account, complete the following:
* From the File menu, select Subscribe.
* A window will appear with your Inbox along with a folder named bulletins.
* Clicking the arrows to the left of the folders, navagate to the shared mailbox you want to subscribe to (see below).
* Once you have found the folder you want, click Subscribe. Click OK to save these settings.

Once you have subscribed to a shared mailbox, you will see it in your folders window. Simply select the folder to open it and read the messages.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
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Not OWA, but Exchange

by xenmachine In reply to Shared email box in Thund ...

Helpful, but not, I think, in this case.
This is not a mailbox shared through OWA. It doesn't show up in the subscribe box, in fact no "shared" or "bulletin" folders show up. I'm assuming that in this case there must be some other way to "share" a mailbox.

Unfortunately, the person who administers Exchange is a surly individual who's standard response to questions like this is "Google it".

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