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    Request for database scripts


    by Mark W. Kaelin ·

    For Oracle DBAs, scripts, and the time they save, are invaluable for the maintenance and security of enterprise data.

    What is your most important regularly deployed script? What script do you run most often? Do you develop your scripts from scratch or borrow liberally from other sources? ;\

    [b]TechRepublic would like to create an informal library of database maintenance scripts currently used by our members. If you have a script you are particularly proud of, please submit it here. We’ll compile them and place them in a future download.[/b]

    [i]Be sure to provide as much detail as possible so the community can follow your logic. Any script included in a future download will be credited to its author, who may then bask in the appropriate glory.[/i] :^O

    [b][i]A question was raised by one of our sharp-eyed members about the potential proprietary nature of the scripts that may be submitted. Please, do not break any confidentiality agreements for this exercise – only share what is shareable. Thanks[/i][/b]

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      isn’t the real

      by jaqui ·

      In reply to Request for database scripts

      valuse in database scripts in what they do within the data structure of the database?

      so, a script where you pull everything that is sensitive for confidentiality / security reasons:
      use db:
      ~ snipped for security concerns ~
      close db:

      database name, table structure, is all information that cannot be shared for system security reasons.

      how the data is manipulated is revealing of your logic, for the structure of the database and tables.

      it would only take a day to break into a phpnuke powered site, if you know the person who set it up.
      the dbname is all the data you need to hack the database powering that site.

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        Nothing to share

        by Mark W. Kaelin ·

        In reply to isn’t the real

        Assuming what you say is true, then you are saying there is no way anyone can share their database scripts?

        There must be a way – perhaps the script refers to a test database system?

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          All you can do is come up with template

          by tony hopkinson ·

          In reply to Nothing to share

          scripts for particular scenarios, there’s way too much information in a real one to make public. They are also very nonstandard and application/business specific. One of mine accesses a machine via ftp, looks for files it hasn’t yet processed . Gets the files and processes them into the database. There’ll be similar ones out there but much of the solution is specific to the file content and how the data is used. I’d have to take a copy and sanitize before I could post it. The data isn’t sensitive, but it’s not mine and the architecture and security definitely is very sensitive. If someone released it as is, I’d have them shot after they were sacked.

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