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By rzwoo ·
I have encounted this problem with pc39 and pc 40. They do have same configuration on LAN properties. But pc 39 cant ping pc40 but pc 40 can ping pc39. Even i off the windows firewall also same.. pls help

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It's got to be something in the firewall blocking ICMP echo packets

by ManiacMan In reply to Request time out

there is really no other explanation for it. You never stated if pc39 and pc40 are running the same OS or different OS. Is this a Windows PC?

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IS running same OS

by rzwoo In reply to It's got to be something ...

Both two computers are in XP platform

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Again, ensure you don't have any firewalls installed on the OS

by ManiacMan In reply to IS running same OS

and that you're not blocking or filtering ICMP traffic on the LAN switch and such.

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I have disable both firewall

by rzwoo In reply to Again, ensure you don't h ...

again, i have disable both firewall.

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Try crossover cable between both PCs'

by ManiacMan In reply to I have disable both firew ...

If the ping works, it's something with your LAN.

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